We know you have a budget. It is in your interest to have the best presentation you can get, therefore it is critical to have a professionally designed and executed website. So your question is, how much does it cost? That depends on your budget and the complexity of the website. Corporate websites involving dozens of pages are often quite expensive, whereas a static one page web site might be a couple of hundred dollars, depending on photographic details and so forth.

So let’s start with what you want. Let’s start with what you need. Then we can determine what it will take to execute and what the costs are. The estimate is free and surprisingly affordable–dare I say cheap? Remember, you must measure the cost against the return on your investment.

Something that costs 100 dollars, if it returns 50 dollars, is a good investment. A website that costs one thousand dollars but returns five hundred dollars in business is well worth the investment. Likewise, a website that costs forty-thousand dollars and returns hundreds of thousands in reality costs nothing!

In closing, we work around your budget. The important thing to remember is that a website is a touch point from your business to the public, therefore a professional representation is critical towards your market positioning strategy.       




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